Hi, and welcome to our blog! My name is Matt.

In early 2016, at age 28, my partner Daniel and I quit our jobs, sold most of our possessions, and hit the road indefinitely. Our goals are pretty simple: live adventurously, spend more time with our friends and family, and explore the world.

On the blog, we write about financial independence, semi-retirement, intentional spending, and gratitude – along with our adventures in world travel and van life. Our goal is to make new friends and inspire others to break the mold in their own ways.

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Daniel at Island in the Sky, Canyonlands National Park

Daniel in Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Financial independence and semi-retirement

At age 28, thanks to good habits, the influence of the online financial independence and early retirement (FIRE) community, and a fair share of good fortune and privilege, I reached financial independence. Daniel and I quit our jobs shortly thereafter.

Unlike many financial independence bloggers, we don’t have a well-defined long-term plan. Traveling forever? Settling down? Working again? Having a family? We don’t know yet, and part of the fun will be figuring those things out along the way.

Rather than thinking of myself as “retired,” I prefer the idea of “semi-retirement.” While I don’t anticipate taking a full-time office job again any time soon, I expect that we’ll want to do plenty of things that look like work over the years to come – but hopefully with a lot more fun and adventure involved.

Intentional spending

We spend a lot of time reflecting on how to strike the balance between living frugally and living for the present. During our working years, we spent far less money than our peers on just about everything, from housing and transportation to clothing and entertainment. These habits enabled us to buy what we consider to be the ultimate luxury: time. We’re far from truly “frugal,” though, and we’ve always had the great privilege of being able to choose economical habits rather than being forced into them.

Me in Hierapolis, Turkey

Me in Hierapolis, Turkey


We hit the road in March of 2016, starting with a three-month road trip around the western U.S. in our 1996 Dodge Caravan. The second leg of our travels took us to Turkey and Eastern Europe for the summer. In late 2016, we got back in our van for another three-month tour of the U.S. and Canada. In 2017, we’re exploring Mexico, Southeast Asia, Alaska, and Central America. From there, who knows!

Our trusty (ish) camper near Lone Pine, California

Our trusty (ish) “camper” van near Lone Pine, California

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We’re here to make friends

Finally, a big reason we’re writing this blog in the first place is to make new friends. We love meeting new people, and we’ve had several awesome meet-ups with blog readers already. If our travel paths are crossing, we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!

Matt and Daniel